Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alternative and Complementary Breakthroughs

One of the only things you can count on in the field of alternative and complementary medicine is a constant evolution of thought. Those shifts in belief and practice are often spurred by scientific advancements, as evidenced by the following substantive links:

1. New research suggests that this ancient medicinal food may be just the ticket to protect against skin damaging UV radiation, erectile dysfunction and it may even improve age-related brain function. Ginseng for Body and Mind

2. You've probably seen coconut water at your local health food store or super market. But is it really a health promoting drink or is it just the latest trendy food competing for your hard earned dollar? The Truth About Coconut Water

3. There are many meal replacements/protein shakes that are promoted as helping to manage a healthy weight. Do you they really do what they claim to? Is there a better way to create your own version of such supplements? Find out here: Using Meal Replacements for Weight Loss

4. If you're dealing with poor balance or if you know someone who is, please read the following column about a unique mind-body exercise that may help to improve both physical and psychological functioning. The Feldenkrais Method for Improved Balance and More

5. Whole grains are healthy. Just about every doctor and nutritionist says so. The same goes for organic fruits and veggies. But is this always the case? Are there ever exceptions to the rule? Maybe so. Surprising News About Organic Vegetables and Whole Grains

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy these recommended links.

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