Friday, July 31, 2009

Chia Seeds, Curcumin, Hypertension, Smoking Cessation and Vitamin D

There was a little something for everyone this past week on The major emphasis seemed to be on updating the status of a variety of medicinal foods, mind-body techniques and nutritional supplements. Here's a breakdown of what was covered:

Monday: Optimal levels of vitamin D may be instrumental in managing pain-related conditions of all kinds. Link: Vitamin D for Chronic Pain

Tuesday: The yellow spice that colors curry and mustard is also being seriously investigated for it's role as a cancer fighter and much, much more. Link: The Latest on Curcumin

Wednesday: Your doctor may be treating your hypertension too aggressively. So says a new medical review. Find out how to talk to your doctor about this. Link: Establish a Healthy Doctor Patient Relationship

Thursday: You've probably heard or read about chia seeds or Salba. But how much of the information out there is hype and how much is rooted in serious science? Link: The Science Behind Chia Seeds

Friday: It's an uphill battle to break free from nicotine dependence. But did you know that certain holistic practices can help improve your odds of success? Link: Quit Smoking for Good

Hope to see you next week! Please take good care!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Swine Flu Updates and More

When I think about alternative/complementary medicine, the main controversy that comes to mind is in regard to it's overall efficacy. Usually the source of the drama is the conventional medical establishment. Many spokesmen for allopathic medicine tend to view holistic healing as not being serious or worthy of consideration.

But this past week I found several interesting columns that bring to light disputes within the natural medicine community. This is a refreshing change of pace. It's good to see important questions being asked on both sides of the isle.

Controversy A: Does high dose fish oil increase your risk of contracting the flu? Find out in the column entitled Swine Flu Fish Oil Warning

Controversy B: Dark chocolate helps to lower blood pressure, right? That issue is addressed here.

Controversy C: Olive leaf extract is mostly recommended to during the "cold and flu" season. But does modern science support it's use for helping to protect against viral invaders? Discover The Truth About Olive Leaf Extract.

No matter what healing philosophy we subscribe to, it's always important to challenge our own beliefs. By doing so, we can help ourselves (and others) to ultimately determine the best possible wellness strategies. That should be our ultimate goal, regardless of where that leads us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Healing Holistically

Using the wisdom found throughout history and the advances discovered in modern science is the key to successfully integrating allopathic (conventional) and natural medicine. Here are five examples of how you can do just that:

1. The Science Behind the Paleo Diet - It's so easy, cave men knew it.

2. Coffee and Brain Function - There's more to that cup of "Joe" than a simple energy boost.

3. Mindfulness for Better Sleep - This quick and easy meditative exercise may be the key to helping you get some much needed z's.

4. Traveling Well with Supplements - Keep your circulatory and immune system strong while on the road.

5. Mint Tea Warning - This commonly consumed beverage may have some very real positive and unwanted effects.

Be informed. Beware, when necessary. But most importantly, take charge of your own wellness program! You deserve it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Holistic Links

What do low carb fruits and vegetables, natural hair and skin care, nuts, the "rainbow diet", probiotics and xylitol all have in common? They're all topics that were covered this past week on

1. We all know that nuts are supposed to be good for us. But what exactly is science telling us about them? Find out here: The Truth About Nuts

2. It's not easy finding truly natural and effective hair and skin care products. This non-commercial review and testimonial may help: Finding the Right Natural Hair and Skin Care Products

3. Cutting back on excess sugar and carbs can help with weight management. But how can you eat plenty of healthy fruits and veggies while still keeping the carbs under control? This link will give you some ideas about that and some recipes to boot: Low Glycemic Fruits and Veggies

4. Find out about the latest on natural ways to keep your breath and smile looking and smelling great! Natural Dentristy at Home!

5. Dr. Bernard Jensen used to recommend "eating like the rainbow". Find out why modern science suggests doing the same thing: Rainbow Diet News

I hope you find useful information in this week's links. There's so much great information out there! Let's use as much of it as possible and do our best to stay healthy! And please, spread the word!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Natural Product Reviews

Happy 4th of July everyone! I sincerely hope you're celebrating this fine day with loved ones and having a fun, memorable and safe time!

When I was youngster, I used to love watching the movie review program starring the Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. If there was such a thing as a review show about natural health products, I'd be the first one to watch it! I haven't found anything like that yet, but the Healthy Fellow blog does regularly feature natural product reviews. This past week was no exception.

Krill Oil Review - What's the difference between fish oil and krill oil? Is krill oil worth the added expense?

Sacha Inchi Review - Is this Amazonian seed a superfood that we should all know about and incorporate into our diet?

Breast Cancer Protection - It's time to get proactive about preventing breast cancer. There are no guarantees but there are some clues about how to tip the odds in your favor.

Holistic Brain and Heart Care - Keep your brain healthy by strengthening your heart.

The Many Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds - They so much more than just another snack option.

I hope these links help you to better manage your personal health care and assist you in deciding what is right for your own wellness routine.