Friday, July 31, 2009

Chia Seeds, Curcumin, Hypertension, Smoking Cessation and Vitamin D

There was a little something for everyone this past week on The major emphasis seemed to be on updating the status of a variety of medicinal foods, mind-body techniques and nutritional supplements. Here's a breakdown of what was covered:

Monday: Optimal levels of vitamin D may be instrumental in managing pain-related conditions of all kinds. Link: Vitamin D for Chronic Pain

Tuesday: The yellow spice that colors curry and mustard is also being seriously investigated for it's role as a cancer fighter and much, much more. Link: The Latest on Curcumin

Wednesday: Your doctor may be treating your hypertension too aggressively. So says a new medical review. Find out how to talk to your doctor about this. Link: Establish a Healthy Doctor Patient Relationship

Thursday: You've probably heard or read about chia seeds or Salba. But how much of the information out there is hype and how much is rooted in serious science? Link: The Science Behind Chia Seeds

Friday: It's an uphill battle to break free from nicotine dependence. But did you know that certain holistic practices can help improve your odds of success? Link: Quit Smoking for Good

Hope to see you next week! Please take good care!


fusse said...

Thanks for sharing such step by step tips for whole week. As I am a patient of hypertension and I will follow them. Hope it will be useful to me.
I like this site.

The Vitamin Tutor said...

Thanks, Fusse.

I hope you find a good solution to your blood pressure situation.

Take good care.