Saturday, July 11, 2009

Holistic Links

What do low carb fruits and vegetables, natural hair and skin care, nuts, the "rainbow diet", probiotics and xylitol all have in common? They're all topics that were covered this past week on

1. We all know that nuts are supposed to be good for us. But what exactly is science telling us about them? Find out here: The Truth About Nuts

2. It's not easy finding truly natural and effective hair and skin care products. This non-commercial review and testimonial may help: Finding the Right Natural Hair and Skin Care Products

3. Cutting back on excess sugar and carbs can help with weight management. But how can you eat plenty of healthy fruits and veggies while still keeping the carbs under control? This link will give you some ideas about that and some recipes to boot: Low Glycemic Fruits and Veggies

4. Find out about the latest on natural ways to keep your breath and smile looking and smelling great! Natural Dentristy at Home!

5. Dr. Bernard Jensen used to recommend "eating like the rainbow". Find out why modern science suggests doing the same thing: Rainbow Diet News

I hope you find useful information in this week's links. There's so much great information out there! Let's use as much of it as possible and do our best to stay healthy! And please, spread the word!

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