Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hair Loss, Manuka Honey, Yoga Updates and More

It's been an abbreviated week on due to the Labor Day holiday. Still, there was plenty of information to sort through. The site's author spent a few days updating newly released information that related to prior columns. I like those types of posts because it provides a lot of information about multiple topics, in a concise manner. My kind of reading! :-)

1. (Tuesday's Column) Natural Health Updates on Black Currants, Chamomile, Turmeric and More!

2. (Wednesday's Column) Manuka Honey - Nature's Antibiotic Wound Healer

3. (Thursday's Column) Natural Health Updates on Hair Loss, Pomegranates, Yoga and More!

4. (Friday's Column) Potentially Life-Saving Advice About a New "Green Revolution"

I hope you all enjoy your weekend in the best possible health! Stay informed, be pro-active and please share your wealth of knowledge with others!

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