Monday, September 7, 2009

Allergies, Diet Updates and Immune Support

Happy Labor Day everyone! Since you're probably out celebrating and having a great time, I'll keep things crisp and to the point. Here are my Top 5 Links of the Week:

1. Combat age-related muscle loss by following these suggestions:

Link - Natural Approaches to "Sarcopenia"

2. You've probably heard of echinacea and zinc lozenges for immune support. But what about Andrographis paniculata? How about Kan Jang? You can read more about these all-natural, powerful immune boosters here:

Link - Andrographic Paniculata for Colds and Flu

3. Need another reason to include more fiber in your diet? This may be just the ticket.

Link - Dietary Fiber and Heart Disease

4. Bless you! If your nose is running and you're spending way too much on tissue paper ... then this next link is for you.

Link - Spirulina and Allergies

5. Barbecuing and grilling make for some really delicious food. Unfortunately, a class of chemicals called HCAs are often formed during this type of cooking. Find out how you can safely enjoy barbecued and grilled beef, chicken, fish and pork here:

Link - Healthier Barbecuing and Grilling

I hope you all enjoy the long, holiday weekend! Please check out the linked columns above and incorporate all the health tips you see fit. Until next week ... please take good care!

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