Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alternate Day Fasting, Fenugreek and Heart Attack Protection

What do you look for when you seek out a source for natural health information? I personally try to find resources that provide evidence that supports what they write about - such as verifiable, scientific citations. Another essential characteristic of the alternative health sites I like best is accessibility. I want to be able to understand what's being explained and I also like it when sites allow readers to ask questions and receive answers. This greatly enriches my experience and helps me to understand the concepts much better. is my favorite natural medicine site because it covers these bases very well. Here's an overview of the information I found on Healthy Fellow this past week.

Link - Fenugreek Research

Link - Dried Plums or Prunes - The Forgotten Superfruit

Link - Natural Heart Attack Protection

Link - Alternate Day Fasting

Link - An H1N1 Flu Success Story

As you can see from the titles of the links, the subject matter is pretty broad in scope. That's something I value as well. If you've never checked out Healthy Fellow, I highly recommend that you do so. There's even a feature on the site that allows you to receive all the weekday columns (for free) via e-mail. That's kind of a cool feature if you're interested in staying 100% up to date.

I hope some of you check out the site and benefit from it like I do. Please take care good yourselves and each other. See you next week!

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